Free Flag Counter - a new way to show your website view

If you are feeling bored about those old-styled hit counters, you can upgrade your widget to another one, Free Flag Counter. This widget will count your website view according to the country of your visitor. So that you know from which countries your visitors are. This is also useful when you want to show off the number of your visitors according to the countries. The more it shows means, the more worldwide your website has reached. So, where to download the Flag Counter widget code?

The widget will start tracking your website view, from the moment you install the tracking code. The tracking code should be saved somewhere else offline because if you lose it, you will lose all the webpage view number unless you upgrade your Free Flag Counter to Pro Flag Counter. One of the advantage of using Pro Flag Counter is that you won't lose the number even though you lose the widget code. This usually happens when you change the theme or template of your blog / website.

If you have further questions, you can read the FAQ of the Flag Counter.


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