Got something to store online use "GotUpload"

Have you ever wanted to store any files online, whether to share with friends or just for online backup? If you have ever thought like this, you may use "GotUpload" to store your large files up to 200 MB online. Actually, when you want to send a file with e-mail, and the e-mail service you are using have limitation on file size, you can use this GotUpload.

GotUpload saves you time and trouble searching for online storage, compressing large files, or dividing files. This is because you just need to click browse and upload the files you want to share privately with people who got the link. Other people without the link can't search for it or download it freely. GotUpload is unlike Rapidshare or 4shared that share files for public to download.

Instead of carrying files with your USB flash disk, you can download the files anywhere you want by storing them online. You can upload the files in 3 ways:
1. File upload, one file upload at a time
2. Flash upload, selecting more files for upload
3. Remote URL upload, upload files from pasting URL of files.

When you have finished uploading, you will get Download link, Forum code or HTML code for the files you have uploaded. Now, you know how to store or backup files using online storage.


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