How to download Facebook video easily?

You can upload Facebook video easily, but do you know that you can also download Facebook video with just 3 simple steps? First, you need to use Firefox. Firefox is probably the browser with most complete add-ons of third party which just make it better than other browser. But installing too many add-ons will just slow down your browsing.

Then after having Firefox, what add-on should I install to download Facebook video? Well, you need to install Speedbit Video Downloader. After you have finished installing it, you will see that your Firefox has added a new button on the toolbar, called "Download video".

Here are the three simple steps for downloading Facebook video:
1. Play the Facebook video you want to download
2. Click the button "Download Video"
3. Type the video name and save the video

Simple, isn't it? Now, you know how to download Facebook video using Firefox add-on.


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