Easy 3D Title Animation Software: Aurora 3D Animation Maker

You probably wonder how some computer beginners can do certain difficult things with computer, like making 3D animation for a novice computer user. From my experience, using 3D software for a new computer user will be very difficult if you don't know the basic of 3D concepts.

But does it mean that computer beginners can't create 3D stuffs in short time? Well, you can actually create 3D stuffs, like 3D title animation using special software which is intended for that task. Of course, I am not suggesting 3D software like 3D Studio Max, Maya or Blender3D.

To create great 3D title animation with simple steps, you need to have 3D animation maker like Aurora 3D. It's one of those many programs to create 3D title and animate it. The following video will show you some samples 3D titles and animation made with Aurora 3D Animation Maker.


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