Google now applies new sign-in page for adsense publisher

When you open your Google adsense for signing and start working for your adsense, checking your earning today, you'll probably see a different look. The new sign-in page looks quite different where you see a clearer white background. This also arises a doubt in entering your user name and password. You might think why there's a sudden change.

In fact, Google also has a page where it tells you why Google has changed the look of sign-in page. Here's the page of the reasons why it has changed. Whenever you are entering a new page which also arises you doubts, make sure that you check again that you are typing the correct url for the site you are opening. Then check whether the sign-in page of the site has a "LOCK" icon in the address bar, just on the left of your url. When you see this "LOCK" icon on Google Chrome, it means you are on a secure page. Google suggests that you use Google Chrome for browsing.


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