Mart View - view your pdf file just like you open the page of a book

Have ever heard a file format called "mart"? It's a file format for electronic books and magazines. Perhaps, it's new to you, but in fact it's also as popular as the pdf format for e-book and e-magz. And of course, this "mart" format also has its viewer. It's called "Martview".

Martview is a unique "mart" and "pdf" files viewer. How unique is Martview? Well, it enables you to view your electronic books and magazines, just like what you do on real books or magazine. With MartView, you can flip the pages, slide the pages, scroll through pages quickly, pinch the page, and many more you can do with it. If you are using it with touch screen device, that would be more fun. But if you are using a mouse, of course all you can do is to click to create the flipping, scrolling, sliding effects.

It has different types of view, such as Flipping view, Horizontal slide, Vertical slide and Thumbnail view. You can also download your favorite magazines of different topics. You can also upload your own e-books. And moreover, you can even create your own e-books and share with others. It seems like a e-books sharing place for those who love sharing e-books. You can have hours of fun by reading the e-magazines using MartView. Now, it also supports iPAD, so that you can use MartView to read your pdf or mart files just like you are reading a real book.

Want to download MartView now? Click here for English version of MartView or click here for Chinese version of Martview. You can also download the iPAD version here.


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