Can paper torn with a document shredder be reconstructed?

Paper shredder is a common machine in the office. People use such machine to shred paper document in order to destroy them. They think that it's safe to use such paper shredder machine to remove paper that they don't want others to get it. But is there a possibility that shredded paper be reconstructed? Deleted files can be restored, why can't technology restore the shredder paper pieces? With current technology of data restoration, there's software to reconstruct shredded paper.

Using "Unshredder", a special program to reconstruct those shredded pieces of paper into a complete document. Of course, you still need to scan those pieces of paper using scanner and let the program do the rest for you. Since important paper document can be reconstructed, it's advised that destroying such evidence shouldn't by using document shredder only. Why not burnt them into ashes? Here's a video about Unshredder showing you how the process of reconstructing shredder paper work.


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