Have you sent 2012 New Year e-cards?

It's another new year, 2012. It was previously said that this 2012 was a inauspicious year. But, nobody wishes anything bad to happen to the world. So, let's pray for the world, hoping that it's getting better.

Well, I remembered that when I started using internet at the first time, what I did most of the time was sending e-cards to my friends, especially on birthdays and new year. Sending e-cards have become so common and also an easy way to give warmest greetings to people all over the world through internet.

Want to start sending e-cards to people you love? I suggest you visit two websites which I usually will visit to send those e-cards. 123greetings.com and bluemountain.com are two popular sites for sending e-cards. They provide lots of e-cards with different styles and designs, and also with e-cards for different occasions. Ok, let's start sending the e-cards now. Happy new year. Wishing you a prosperous year.


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