How to make a USB battery box from simple resistor and diode with a 9 volt battery?

This post is useful for those who love USB gadgets. If you find that testing or using USB gadgets, like lamps or fans on laptops or desktops seem troublesome and you wish to use them independently, you can buy a USB battery box. The USB battery box works as a power source for your USB powered gadgets without having to connect to a laptop or desktop computer.

Thinking that it's too expensive to buy one? Well, there's a low cost DIY way to make your own USB Battery Box. You can assemble your own one using simple soldering on resistor, diode with a 9 volt battery. The resistor and diode used on the 9 volt battery will cut down the voltage to 5.5 volts which is the voltage of USB power. Interested in making yours now? Click here to read how to make a USB Battery Box by yourself.


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