How to upload multiple files at once to opencart?

You probably have just used opencart to create your own first online shop or you may probably trying to use opencart as your new shopping cart. Opencart is the easiest free shopping cart with lots of extensions or modules you can use. It also has more free themes or template than what I have seen on other shopping cart programs before.

When talking about online shop, you will need to put on images of the products you sell. And this can be something time-consuming if you have lots of images to upload. That's because opencart comes with the ability to upload file one at a time. To upload multiple files in opencart, you need to use FTP programs, for example: Filezilla for client. Or you may use CuteFTP to solve this problem.

But, because opencart is a program which you can install module inside it, then you can use external module to be installed in opencart which help you to do this. For this batch upload purpose, you can download Image Manager + with Upload + for Open Cart. This module is free to download. Just choose your module version which supported by your opencart version. Then, upload the module file to your server using File Manager of your cPanel or you can use FTP program to upload this module to the server where you have installed your OpenCart. You'll then have Upload + button appeared on your Image Uploader window of your OpenCart.

Here's a video tutorial that tells you about this module Image Manager + with Upload +


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