Cannot Enter Fonts Folder After Copying from Windows

Have you ever encountered this Fonts problem? You copy fonts folder directly from inside Windows folder and then want to open the copied Fonts folder. The icon picture of the fonts folder becomes different from the normal yellow one. See the picture below.

You tried to open, but no matter how you click (or right click), there's no response. In other  words, you can't see the contents of the folder which contains lots of fonts.

I ever tried this before and failed. Then I tried making a copy of the folder hoping that it would become normal yellow-colored folder which I can enter as usual. But after everything is copied. It still cannot be opened.

Here's the little trick you can do to get the fonts and make a normal folder which contains all the fonts. You do the copy and paste of the original fonts folder. Then, quickly enter the folder which is still copying in progress. You can still enter the folder until this step. Then when you are inside the folder, simply wait for all the fonts to be copied. When it's already completed, you can copy again to another named folder such as "Fonts Collection". This is what I do to copy the fonts. Hope it does a little help for you.


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