Dillo, a tiny and lightning fast browser for Linux user

Light web browser also means fast browser. Every computer user wants fast browsing especially when  they have those low speed computer, such as old Pentium 2 or Pentium 3. Don't you agree? Well, when Linux is developed day by day, its browsers are also made better, too. This also makes Linux besides a free open source operating system more useful with faster and lighter browser.

By the way, if you want such fast browser for Linux, you may consider using Dillo which is made purposely to meet the requirement of fast browser running even on computer with low specifications. Dillo is such a simple designed Linux  web-browser which you can use to speed-up your browsing experience. When you have slow internet connection, Dillo will perform well and bring up satisfaction of browsing. If you have high speed internet connection, using Dillo will make you say "wow".

Of course, lightning-fast browser also means that it doesn't really complete like Google Chrome and Firefox which have better and more extensions. But, anyway it's worth trying if you want something fast and light in browsing. Click here to download Dillo Linux web browser from its homepage.


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