DVD2One - the best and simplest DVD copier and compression software

You probably want to compress a disc which is a DVD9 movie and burn it into a DVD5 disc. A DVD 8.5 GB blank disc is always more expensive than a 4.7 GB blank disc. This will make you think of how to compress the contents of such large size disc into smaller one, so that you can burn it into a smaller sized DVD-R. This can be done by DVD compression and burner.

One of such programs and perhaps the best one is DVD2One. It's a program with very simple interface but very user-friendly. Novice / beginner computer user will be able to use it. You just need to select the source file/folder of DVD movie and then set the size to 4.7 GB. Then you select whether to burn directly to a DVD-R, or create the image DVD file or just create the folder of containing the DVD movie which has been compressed.

You don't have to worry about the lost of any parts of the movie. The program will certainly compress the whole movie or otherwise it will quit itself if it encounters DVD movie which it can't compress according to my experience in using it.

You can remaster the DVD or have many DVD movies joined into one. You can also batch-process up to 50 disc, so that you can save your time. It provides both Windows and Mac version of DVD2One. Click here to visit the website.


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