How to clear your Youtube Video Viewing History?

When you have sign up for a Youtube account and you have become a Youtube user, everytime you open a video and watch it even for a second, it's already entered Youtube Video Viewing History. It's like History in  internet browser. You can reopen it on any computer with your user name signing in. You can watch your previously watched video.

But, sometimes you may want to remove Youtube video viewing history. In fact, it's easy to remove or clear the viewing history in Youtube. Here are steps to clear the history.
1. Sign in with your account name and password.
2. Click History link next to your User Profile Photo
3. Click Watch History (in  the middle column of Youtube site)
4. You'll see your viewing history
5. Click the button called "Clear all viewing history"

You can also remove the history one by one, by ticking the video that you want to clear from history and then click Remove.


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