Make your own unique USB Floppy Disk (DIY video)

What is actually a USB Floppy Disk? You probably may think that it's a floppy disk connected using USB slot or it may also be a USB Flash disk with the shape of an old floppy disk. Yes, it's a creative DIY stuff that I found from which you are guided to make your own floppy disk USB flash disk. With a little modification on old USB Flash disk and a floppy disk, you can make a unique USB storage.

This is cool USB stuff since everyone will think that you are using floppy disk. But, when you slide out the USB connector and connect it to a USB port, it will then work as a normal USB drive. Some people may wonder why a floppy disk is inserted into a USB port instead of inserting it into a Floppy disk drive. This idea may seem a bit silly cause you choose something bigger rather than the small flash disk. But, you won't lose it easily either since it's bigger in size. Practical or not it depends on how you think about this USB Floppy disk.

So, are you curious on how to make a USB Floppy disk? Watch the following video.


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