How to leave a Facebook group?

It's sometimes annoyed when somebody adds you to a Facebook group. You probably think that the group notification and everything else about it seem unrelated to you. You might also think that you don't need to be in the group and then you feel like you want to leave the group. But perhaps you don't know how to leave these Facebook group.

Facebook group can be created by any Facebook members and then they can invite other Facebook members to join the group or add them to the group. Many people like sharing their thoughts through status post and photos on Facebook. Some even like to add their friends to the group thinking of growing the people inside the group. But, this could be something irritating to those who just don't like the topic of the group.

If you are one of those who just don't want to be in a group after someone added you in the group, you can actually leave the group easily. Locate the Cover photo of the Group at the upper side of the screen. You can see clearly. Then, at the right bottom corner of the photo, there is a "Notifications" button. Click the   next to "Notifications" and then select "Leave Group". That's how to leave a group you don't want to join in Facebook.


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