Polling - What to send to a friend?

Have you seen the polling below?
Can you guess why I wanted to have a polling?
I am going to tell you a little about giving surprise to your friend, by using internet.

First about e-mail

If you have a friend who is ill now (maybe she's got flu - you know it from your friend indirectly), you can send her an e-mail asking about her condition. You may show her your care.

Second about e-greeting card
Then if you want to give her a little surprise rather than simple e-mail, you can send e-greeting card by visiting websites that provide these services. One of my favorite site is:
Your friend will be glad when she opened the e-mail.

Third about making a call
You can use online phone service like Skype, Google Talk. If your friend is one of the member, you call without any cost (free). I mean PC to PC.

Fourth about surprise fax
If you know your friend's fax number, you can send her a surprise fax saying:

Wish you get well soon (if she's ill now)
You can use fax machine or computer software like FaxTalk (sometimes it's included when you buy a modem). Or search for "free fax software". I'll post this later.

Now, what will you choose?

Thanks for polling


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