Printing on cheap photo paper

Sometimes, you can find some cheap photo paper at bookstore. However, to print with good quality on the paper, you need to know the way.
Here are some tips:

#1 Tip
Look at the glossy surface of the paper. Is it glossy enough? Is it bright white? If the answers are "YES", you may consider buying it. Paper with whiter surface will sometimes prints better, but please consider the smoothness of the surface.

#2 Tip
There are 3 kinds of refill ink normally used on printer (water based, dye based and pigment ink). If you are using original ink, then you don't have to worry. Just use it. I prefer dye based, cause it's cheaper with better quality rather than pigment)

#3 Tip
Set the printer print paper selection (find it at Print Properties) and then print a small picture on the paper, repeat this for other print quality. Start choosing from plain paper until photo paper. There are many kinds of photo paper (premium, glossy, etc)
This is necessary to ensure that your photo paper settings fit the ink and printer's requirement because you are not using photo paper recommended by the printer manufacturer.
Sometimes choosing "Plain Paper" to print photos on the cheap photo paper is better than choosing "Photo Paper" setting.

#4 Tip
Remember to use photo editing software to adjust the quality of printing to get best quality.

#5 Tip
If you need to print on back side, make sure that the back side is not glossy. Usually back side of the paper is not coated and not purposely made for printing (I mean single side photo paper). A rough back side is suitable for printing text.


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