Read software reviews before downloading

Most people will be attracted with the word "free". Yes, it's what everyone in the world wishes. Some people say "No free meals in this world". But, there are still many free things in this world. Like free meals in Singapore Buddhist Lodge (open for public regardless of your religions, free meals every Friday in a restaurant in Jakarta, free Buddhist books and CDs/VCDs or DVDs. Free software to download (like in - need to search and filter by "free" keyword).

Well, I am not going to tell you about foods. I am going to tell you about downloading freeware. There's a site:
that provides information of freeware and shareware, including the downloads. It's just an example. You can find more site by using search engine.

Shareware is always demo (not complete software) or trial (use it for a limited time only) and you have to buy the full version to use it unlimited and have its full functions.

REAL Freeware is always free. Some will ask for donation. Some will have limited functions but it's completely usable. But anyway, it's free and you can use it.

Things you need to know about freeware:
  1. Before downloading, make sure to read the review. Don't try to download directly a freeware before reading the review or when it has no review. Consider it before downloading.
  2. Then make sure that your antivirus and anti-spyware are on guard before downloading
  3. After downloading, you can scan with your antivirus or anti-spyware.
  4. If you are not really sure, wait for about a month, to see whether you can read the review from the editor.
  5. If you don't really need it, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT. Don't regret after downloading!!!


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