Making high quality slide show

Since many years ago, I've already known how to create slide show VCD from pictures or photos. But that time, I just couldn't create very clear VCD for shown on TV. When I compiled the VCD, I choose "VCD compilation". I also tried Mpeg1 or Mpeg2 (from many video editing programs). I also tried compiling using different computer from Pentium II to Pentium IV. I tried using pictures/photos in JPEG format and couldn't get the desired quality. Then I changed to BMP to make the slide show VCD. I still get the same undesired quality.

Then a few years after that I tried using better programs in 2007. This time I thought it could be better. But almost the same (just a bit better). Later, I realized that I hadn't tried using AVI (because I knew that the file size would be very big - that the reason why I didn't use it - also thought that Mpeg would be the same).

After using AVI file for the Photo Slide Show, I found that it shown really clear on TV, just like what we can see on professional VCD. And that's the answer. Compile the photo slide show in AVI first (you can also convert to Mpeg after that to make the archive), and then burn to blank disc with a program like Nero Burning ROM.

N.B. To use AVI files, you need a lot of disk space, so make sure you have enough free space.


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