Use better power supply

Power supply, like other hardware also comes with various prices and quality. Don't spend your money on cheap power supply that will make you regret after buying. When I was buying a new computer a few months ago, I was recommended the Simbadda Power Supply. It cost me about US $45. They also offered me a cheap power supply that cost only $10. I bought the $45 one. It seemed to be quite expensive for me, though as I had spent quite a lot of money on other hardware.

I don't know how good it is until a few days ago, a short power failure at my home. The lamps and fans were suddenly off for about 5 seconds, just a while. But what amazed me was that my computer was still running in that 5 seconds. I thought this could be advantage gaining from the better power supply I had bought that saved my computer from being off for about 5 seconds. Almost forget to tell you. Until now, I'm still not using a UPS.


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