New Software, Old Hardware

Don't force your computer to do things that burden itself. What I mean is if you just have Pentium II and you can work with old programs, don't try to upgrade the software (especially photo editing and multimedia or audio/video editing software except the device driver) you are using without upgrading the hardware. Certain software goes well with certain hardware.

Usually we can read minimum requirement for a software to run, but it's better to follow the standard requirement. Many of my friends have a habit of upgrading software, but not hardware. After their upgrading, I always ask them how is the new software. They will frankly tell me how bad the performance was. But every time after I ask them about the PC specification they're using they will answer they're still using the old PC. Of course, this is forcing your PC to have more work load cause newer software (or upgraded version) will consume more memory.

The result of this is your computer becomes very slow. And what's next? You'll uninstall the software to remove the burden on your system (and that's what most of my friends do). I can say that's a waste of time. But if you just want to experience the upgraded or new software, that's ok. My advice is before installing a new software, check the standard requirement of the software you want to install and compare it to your PC specification.


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