Speakers malfunction

Two weeks ago, I put my mobile phone near a computer. Then, I walked away. Suddenly my phone rang, and the speakers of the computer near my phone gave out strange sounds. It's hard to describe the sound. It's like the sound of horse-galloping (It's what I think - probably not). If you want to know, put your phone near your PC speakers and call the number of your phone with another phone. You'll hear it. : )

Well, I am not going to tell you about horse or the strange sound. Guess, what happened next? The speakers seemed to be malfunctioned. It didn't give out any sound at all anymore after that strange sound. When this happened, don't panic. Don't think that you need to buy another pair of speakers first.

For beginners, when something happens, and you don't know what to do with your computer hardware problem, all you need to do (before you call a technician) is to restart your computer. If it still won't work. Try another tip. Shut down your computer. I mean turn it off, and wait a while at least one minute then turn it on again.

Yeah, that's what I did to my speakers. It's back to normal again.


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