My favorite and my new Epson printer

Epson C110 Printer is a new fast-printing printer. I print a black and white jpg only takes about 6 seconds. I was amazed because formerly I used Epson C87 and Epson C83. To me, I still prefer C83 and C87 because it's really durable. Epson C87 also comes with C87 Plus which is a bit faster than C87.

A few years ago, I got an Epson R250 printer. I bought it and used it for not more than a year. The print head was actually fine, but it became broken when a paper jammed in the printed. I thought it could be as durable as C83. So I pull out the paper. Later, a problem happened to the moving head when it was printing, something stuck in the printer. I tried to move the head and accidentally, the print head stop and not long after that the belting inside the printer snapped-off. I tried to find this belting in local printer repair shop, but they said out of stock. I was very disappointed for touching the moving head. NEVER TOUCH THE MOVING HEAD WHEN IT WAS PRINTING OR STOPPED PRINTING FOR A WHILE.

But now, I am working with my Epson C110 and I feel quite satisfied with it, especially the speed of printing that saves me time.


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