Recording with an old CD writer

CD writers, like any other hardware when used for a certain time, will start losing their capability of recording in high speed. I've got a SONY CD writer, which I bought a few years ago. At first it can burn VCD in high speed up to 48x (but I usually use it at 24x or 16x only). Now, the maximum speed I can burn is only 8x. I use Nero Burning ROM that bundled when I bought.

So, when you noticed that recording seems to be always failed, you can decrease the recording speed and see whether it burn at lower speed. If you can't even burn CDs at 8x or even 4x, I think you should consider buying a new one. But try once again burning data with Windows writing CD function in the Explorer. If you can't even do this, maybe you should really buy a new CD writer.


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