Video conversion for burning solution

Last night, when I was doing to burn my slide show AVI files to a blank disc to make VCD, I got a problem. It took me about 3 times repeatedly encoding and trying burning. I use Nero Burning ROM for this job, but never succeeded last night. Then I tried to lower down the speed till 8x, and still failed.

I thought I had to buy a new one to do that, but I had to finished it as soon as possible. It's already very late at night. Then, something came across my mind. I thought maybe I could try encoding with a video converter after three times failed encoding with Nero internal encoder. Then I started to use my favorite video converter. It's Koyote Free Video Converter.

I started adding files and then converted the AVI files to Mpeg1. After that, I returned to Nero to start my recording again. It also went through encoding process, but it took lesser time. And it really works this time. I successfully burnt my Mpeg1 files to a blank disc as VCD at 8x speed.

The conclusion is if you can't burn AVI files directly to your CD writer, try using conversion first and lower down the burning speed. This is also important when you have limited harddisk space. You can then delete the AVI files and keep your Mpeg1 as archive.


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