Blogging in Draft

Blogging in Draft is a fairly new feature in Google that we can prepare our posts first in advance and have them published at a specified date and time. It's a good feature for those who want to keep their blogs updated daily but have no time to update daily. With this Draft feature, all you have to do is prepare your posting, and set the post date and time to a date and time you wished your post to be appeared to your visitor.

If you are going holiday, and think that you won't have enough time for the posting, just use this. Do your posting in draft before you go holiday. Sign in from:
Then sign in and start your posting as usual.
When you have finished your posting, don't publish first, but Click Post Options and then set the post date and time to a desired date and time.

Do this for the rest of your posting to make sure that you blog seems to be updated daily, even though you have never posted on the date.

This is just a simple tip for bloggers who don't have time to post every day but want to have daily updates.


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