PS/2 port on Mainboard malfunction

The drawer of a computer table (where the keyboard is put) should be carefully pushed back after using the computer. Recently there's someone I knew who unpurposely pushed the drawer a bit too hard and that caused the keyboard to drop down through the hole behind the drawer. Because the drawer was not entirely closed at the inside. This caused the keyboad and mouse become malfunction.

I was very surprised, how come the fall of the keyboard could cause both the keyboard and mouse to be malfunctioned. Really strange. I thought perhaps the main cause was because of the connector of the keyboard on the mainboard PS/2 slot was pulled down. Of course, this could probably be the main cause of the defect.

I tried changing the keyboard and mouse BUT nothing happened. They just didn't work at all. I began to worry whether I have to change the mainboard, just because of this small incident.

Then I realized that there's a connector that we can plug into the USB on the mainboard and the other end of the connector is the PS/2 slot for keyboard and mouse. I bought it and installed the connector. The connector worked perfectly. Luckily, I can still have PS/2 ports without having to change my mainboard. I just spent US $2.50 for the connector.

Actually, there's another solution. That is using USB keyboard and mouse. But the cost should be at least around US $10.


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