Browsing in maximize screen

When I was working for my previous post, I found a problem capturing the whole screen of screen to make the snapshot. I found that the whole screen doesn't fit in my monitor view. To solve this problem you can do something like:
  • Resizing your screen resolution by right clicking the desktop and choose Properties, then click tab Settings. Select a higher resolution.
  • Browse in full screen by pressing F11 if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer then can make it more maximize by right clicking and select Auto Hide.
  • If the page you are viewing contains a lot of text you can select View - Text Size - Decrease in Firefox or in Internet Explorer choose from Smallest to Largest to make the text size smaller and then automatically the screen will be smaller.
Try one of the tips to get what you want or apply all the tips above and then use a screen capture program like Screen Hunter 5 Free from Wisdom Soft.


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