Caution against downloaded files

Here are two things to remember when you want to download a new program or an add-on for your browser.

First, be careful when downloading.
Make sure your antivirus is working and updated. It's really easy to be infected by virus when you have no antivirus installed, if possible use more than one antivirus. I myself use two: avira antivir and avast antivirus (As long as your computer doesn't hang after installing the second antivirus, I think it's still ok). Installing two antivirus running together also means higher protection against viruses because both antivirus probably have different virus database.

Second, be careful after downloading.
Scan your downloaded files after download is also a protection against virus. Or perhaps you want to let your antivirus detect the virus when it appears. This is still ok. If it's possible to clean or the virus, take this action first. Otherwise, move it to quarantine.

This article is posted after I downloaded a file from:
You can also try downloading it as experience. But try it at your own risk.

After downloading, I ran the setup, but during installation, my antivir pop up and said that it detected a virus. See, how useful it is to have two antivirus installed because when one antivirus cannot detect, perhaps another can. And most of all, antivirus with up-to-date database is more important than many antivirus but with outdated database.


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