Copying antivirus file to a CD-R or CD-RW

It's very easy to copy file to a flash disk when we want to move our work to another computer. It's also very easy to get viruses infected by using this way. This is because flash disk can't be write protected when you use, unlike floppy disk. So, you have to scan the flash disk frequently.

Another way to safely transfer files which we can use is to use the CD-RW. Nowadays, it's quite easy to burn some files to a CD-RW using Windows XP or later. Why should we use CDR or CDRW? The main reasons are:

1. CD-RW is rewriteable, so when we don't need the files anymore, we can just delete them.
2. It won't be infected by viruses, cause it takes time to burn the virus program in it. :)
I believe no small programs or viruses can do this. Or if there is, it will really slow down the computer or the chance of getting virus is really really small. Or it's really impossible if you use the CDR in an ordinary CD ROM drive (I mean not CD writer).

This is what I do, when I think it's risky to use my flash disk in someone's computer that I suspect it to have a lot of viruses. I also do this when I help my friends clean the viruses of their computer. Install the antivirus right from CD is safer than directly from flash disk.


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