Use video from Youtube to enrich your blog

Youtube videos seem to be something popular nowadays. Mostly people browse the internet to search for what they need, or what they interested in. Some people like to watch Youtube videos.

For those who have high speed connection, this kind of watching video online is something very common cause they can watch the videos easily and smoothly. Especially those who are looking for some tutorials. Watching videos are better (when there are) than to read text or look at pictures.

Using Youtube videos to enrich our blogs, especially in blogger is something necessary when we want to enrich our blogs with some tutorials. But, the loading of a video will certainly takes more time on loading our blog page.

There are some tips you can use in using Youtube videos.
1. Try using different keywords when searching for videos in blogger to get relevant videos. Don't be lazy in changing keywords and see the chosen videos.
2. Select the videos with less viewing time cause this will make your blog loading faster.
3. If you can't avoid the slow loading of your videos, don't put your videos on the top of your page because your visitors will find that your blog loading is really slow unless you really want to catch their sights with your videos title first (of course videos will come up later).

So, start enriching your blog with videos from Youtube.


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