Reinstalling hardware drivers

One of the solutions for solving hardware problems is uninstalling the hardware driver and then reinstall it back. If you are using Windows XP, you should uninstall the driver in Safe Mode. After that install it back. Of course, this kind of solution is applicable when you know that the problem lies in driver. And it should be really correct drivers with correct hardware.

Using compatible hardware driver or driver of the same manufacturer but with a bit higher series will sometimes solve the problem. For example, you can use Epson LX400 driver for an Epson LX300 printer. This is done when we couldn't find any drivers suitable for the hardware. Doing this should be carefully considered.

It's better to search for the problem solution on the internet. Once you get the solution, carefully read the instructions. Think carefully whether you can use the solution as computer troubleshooting is not something really that simple. Be patient when you are searching for the solutions. And always remember that you can always post your problem in any computer forums. You'll probably find the solution if you can't find it in the search engine like Yahoo! or Google.


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