How to capture two windows on the desktop easily

Have you read my previous posts before this one? Look at the snapshots of the program. The background is white while there are two windows. One is above another. If the windows are on the desktop. And you capture directly with your screen capture program, you'll probably get some unwanted portions of the desktop screen (I mean the portion of the wallpaper). Compare the pictures. The left one is clear without background wallpaper and the right one is with background wallpaper. You can still see the desktop icons. If you capture the screen directly, you can still edit with some photo editing software or even use Microsoft Paint.

But you don't have to do that. No editing required to remove the background or change it to white color. All you have to do is have a white screen behind the two windows. For example, you can run Microsoft Word and let it be behind the two windows. After that just capture with your favorite screen capture utility. I myself use Screen Hunter 5.0 Free. You can find it in my blog, too. Simple indeed, isn't it?


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