Storing data in USB flash disk

USB flash disk is a great and small storage for data nowadays. Instead of using floppy disk or CDR/CDRW, people tend to use USB flash disk when they want to store their data and update data regularly.

If we use CDR/CDRW, it's not easy to update the data stored in it. Eventhough CDRW is rewritable (means that we can update the stored data), but it really takes quite long time compared to a USB flash disk because USB flash disk is like a small-sized harddisk that you can take with you anywhere you go.

One of the disadvantages of using USB is that it is too small. Sometimes, it's so easy to be lost cause of its size. Some manufacturer included a USB strap to make it easy to put around your neck. It's so convenient to bring it along. You can also put it in its original box cause bigger object are easier to find. (Have you ever tried finding a small screw?) : )

Some USB flash disk like Kingston USB products comes with U3 function, which you can put antivirus in it and even update the antivirus. Another useful feature is password protected. If you don't want your flash disk contents to be viewed easily, buy a flash disk with this this feature. So you can protect it with password.

There are also some special USB flash disk with special functions like, fingerprint recognition. It means that you can only access your flash disk with fingerprint authentication. Click this link to see more details.


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