When USB flash disk got into water

Don't be panic when something happen. All you can do is to see whether something can be done. Once, my friend's daughter put her Imation flash disk in pocket. Then her mum put her clothes which had the imation flash disk in washing machine. Her mother was shocked when she found that her daughter flash disk which she used to store school project was soaked wet in the clothes after taking out from the washing machine.

My friend gave me the flash disk and asked me to check the flash disk condition. I found that it was dry, so believe it's ok to insert it in the usb slot of my PC. Then my computer recognized the flash disk and seemed that nothing bad had happened. (Even the virus in the flash disk is still alive! Ha...ha...ha...)

The conclusion is when your flash disk got into water. Don't be panic, just let it dry as soon as possible. Never try to plug the wet flash disk in your PC. If possible open the chassis of your flash disk and wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue slowly and carefully.


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