Puppy Linux - small but great distro

Puppy Linux is a light weight distro which runs very fast on a computer with Pentium 4 processor. Imagine how fast it could be on a new Core2 Duo computer. Because of its small size, it can be used for old PC like Pentium 2.

At first, I tried the Gnumeric spreadsheet program. I was amazed at the speed of loading . It seemed as if it took less than one second. So fast... Then I tried setting the IP to let the computer able to surf the internet through LAN. It's also very fast. The browser that comes with Puppy Linux is SeaMonkey. It's a browser that looks more like Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, with some shortcut keys similar to Firefox.

The boot time and shut down time are also very fast. It took about 10 seconds to shut down the PC on my Pentium 4 computer. Really fast compared to Windows. It can run quite fast even with Pentium I - 200Mhz. I think it's very suitable to use as the operating system for client computer in a LAN. This operating system is not only light and fast, but also comes with a good desktop appearance. The programs that come with it are also quite complete for everyday use.

If you have memory above 512 MB, then you take out the live CD after it finishes booting. Everything runs smoothly. So, in this way, you can use your client computer to surf the internet without harddisk, flash disk, or the live CD if you do have 512 MB memory or more.

Download Puppy Linux now!


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