Epson printer blinking error

Epson printer is one of the world most commonly used printer. It's a kind of durable printer whether for home or office use.
One of the most commonly found error is the blinking error (the resume and low ink light keep on blinking). When this happens, you can't use your printer in anyway. It just keeps on blinking. This blinking error can be solved by using a special free utility to reset the protection counter. You can download the utility from:
After installing, do the following steps:
* Turn on your printer and run the utility.
* Click Configuration tab, and select your installed printer and printer model.
* Then close the dialog box. After that, you'll see the SSC service utility icon at the notification area on the taskbar.
* Right click on the icon, and select protection counter.
* Then click Reset protection counter.
* You're done. Turn off your printer and turn it on again.


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