Damn Small Linux 4.4.4

Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a free light-weight, fast boot loading and live desktop Linux distro. It is fast because the distro is only 50MB. Of course, it's small and can run very fast. And that makes it suitable for use with old PC like 486 with 16 MB RAM. Give life to your old PC!

If you want a diskless workstation computer for your networking, this one is suitable because you can run it right from the LiveCD or from a USB flash disk. It's also suitable for those computer of which mainboard IDE slot has become out of order. But of course, you mainboard still needs to be able to boot from flash disk.

If you're looking for a fast distro that doesn't need to have beautiful desktop appearance like SUSE, you can rely on this distro. It's also quite useful to use as a simple operating system for your networking.

If you're running a net-cafe business, perhaps this one is suitable because it also comes with internet browser. With some basic applications, you can do wordprocessing and simple image editing using this distro. You can also use it for multimedia like playing CD, MP3 and Mpg files.
This is also a very fast distro when shutting down the PC.

Click here to visit the homepage or click here to download from an alternative download site.


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