Google Chrome - a new fast safe and stable browser from Google

Google Chrome is a new browser from Google that make your browsing faster, safer and more stable.

Here are some advantages from using Google Chrome:

When you type a url, the "http://" is already there. You don't have to click google search toolbar like you have to do in Firefox or Internet Explorer. The address bar itself is already a search engine. That means two in one. So, that saves you time from moving your hand when you want to press TAB or moving to mouse.

The New Tab is also new and quite useful. The "+" (plus sign) for New Tab is right next to your opened tab. So, it's more convenient for you to click. Then, when you opened a new tab, you'll find that your most visited sites are also displayed there. Also with the search engine.
You can also create application shortcuts from the browser.

The tabs on Google Chrome are also dynamic tabs which means you can drag the position within the window of the browser or you
can also drag it out to become a new window.

It comes with a crash control which tells you how much memory is used for the process of the tab. When you noticed misbehaving of the process, you can just end the process by right clicking on the tab and select Task Manager, then select end process to close the process. This is very useful control the crash.

When you visit a site containing phising or malware, the browser will show a warning. And that makes your browsing safer.

The bookmark process is also quite simple with just a few clicks. You can also import your setting from other browsers easily. It also makes the download easier.

Anyway, it's just that simple, easy and safe. Remember to select the Language you want for your browser. To download the browser simply click this link. If you want to learn more about Google Chrome, please click this link. Download it now and experience the new browser, Google Chrome!


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