Translating text or a website

Searching for information through the internet is quite easy nowadays. We have search engines. We don't have to go through reading magazines, or books at the library to look for information. Just use your favorite browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or even the latest one, "Google Chrome". These browsers have been empowered by search engines which appeared as toolbars or add ons.

When you found the links of the information you want, just click it and you'll be brought to the sites you want. One of the most common languages used on websites is English. For those whose native languages are not English, will have some problems reading the text on the website. But don't worry, here's the solution.

Technology has improved day by day. And now, we can even read information on any websites even though we don't know languages using translation services. I found the idea of posting this article when I came across a Chinese website which I found that it seemed to be a good site for me, but I couldn't understand very well. Of course, I was curious what the contents was about. After wondering for a while, I suddenly remembered that Google has a service to translate the text from a language to another language (not only English, but many languages).

To use the Google Translation, we need to type: "" in a new tab or a new window of a browser. The next step is to choose whether to translate text or translate website. To translate text, simply type the text we want to translate (or use copy paste). Then choose the source language and the target language. After that, click Translate. Then you'll see the translation right on the side of your original text.

To translate a web page, you can type the url in text box provided (look at the example) and then click Translate. Of course you can also use copy paste the url of the web page. Just that simple. Don't forget to select the source and target language.

Although the whole translation is not as good as manual translation by a senior translator, but at least it gives us a rough understandable translation. If this is used for school or office, perhaps, manual editing of the translation should be made, but if it's just for getting the meaning of the webpage content, this is far too good (for me I think). No more worries of language problem on reading a site. Just use the translation method provided by Google.


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