Create funny and artistic ASCII Art Text

Images are actually arranged from very small dot called pixels. These images are sometimes used for wallpapers with many different sizes from 640 x 480 till 1024 x 768 pixels. We have seen quite a lot of beautiful images from landscape photos till computer generated 3D images. But actually, we can have something different by arranging texts and applying colors till it forms an image. That's what we call ASCII Art.

ASCII Art are plain text arranged into pictures. When technology of mobile phones went into sms technology, many people started making pictures from ASCII characters (letters, numbers and symbols) cause at that time we could only send text, unlike nowadays that we can send mms. Some people can arrange them beautifully into text images like teddy bears, dolls, etc.

But, now using a special software called ASCII Art Generator, we can created a beautiful funny image from ASCII characters with colors applied on the characters. The software that I recommended is ASCII Art Generator. You can click here to download the trial version. This is just a software for fun.


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