Asus Eee PC forum site

Asus Eee PC is now widely use for many purposes, like for home, school and office. It is so portable because of it's size and weight. But if you don't like small screen laptop, this one is probably unsuitable for you.

I have always wanted to buy Asus Eee PC. The price is getting lower and lower. But what makes me consider again and again is the screen which is too small and also the USB ports which mean I have to plug and unplug my usb device. Another problem is that it doesn't have the CD/DVD ROM drive that comes along like other laptop. But I really like its portability. I have always wanted to know more about Asus Eee PC. But don't know where to get the info. Sometimes, I just search from Google or Yahoo, hoping to find some useful information of Asus Eee PC.

Just now, when I was searching for Puppy Linux, I found a link to a forum of Asus Eee PC users. If you want to know more of a product, you should get the information from a forum. The users in a forum will tell their problems in using it and many important and useful tips can be learned from the members in their discussion. Well, start visiting this forum I recommend for you if you want to buy or just learn to know more about Asus Eee PC.


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