Sea Monkey and Ice Weasel

Recently I started to try Linux by running the Live CD. I tried Puppy Linux and Sidux. Puppy Linux is a light weight, fast booting and fast to turn off the computer. But Sidux is only as fast as Puppy Linux in turning off the PC. It's not fast in booting.

Actually the test I made most on both Linux distro is going online the internet i.e. browsing through Yahoo and trying to play the video on Youtube. Of course, I used the browsers that come with the Linux distro. Puppy Linux uses Sea Monkey. Sidux uses Ice Weasel. Both browsers are quite nice.

I ran the Puppy Linux on a computer which had been connected to the internet through a server that means it works as a server. The server of the Puppy Linux uses ADSL connection. But I ran the Sidux distro right from another computer directly connected to the internet using ADSL connection (so it's not a client computer). I found that Sidux ran very fast when opening a page. Actually Ice Weasel also ran very fast. I noticed that Sidux only needed about 3 seconds to open Yahoo page which Windows Internet Explorer or Firefox needs more time to open the same page.

What rather makes me a little bit disappointed with Ice Weasel is that I can't play Youtube videos directly because I need to install the plugins in order to play Youtube videos, therefore it runs that fast in Sidux. But in Sea Monkey running on Puppy Linux, you don't have this problem. You can just play directly without having to install any plugins. I am really happy to have Puppy Linux for client computer and Sidux Linux for fast browsing and perhaps as the server.


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