Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of Google services. From its name, you should be able to guess what it is all about. Yes, it's like an organizer where you can type in your plan on certain dates, that means organizing your activities or plannings including finance.

People used to carry organizers in the form of book with dates and blanks in it. They fill in their activities and plannings in the organizer they write, also like a diary book.

Then when technology had become more advanced, they started to use "digital organizer" in the form like a calculator. This digital organizer usually has the function of a phone book, calculator and planner. Some of them come with a dictionary.

Then since the past few years, people have started to use PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which has more functions than that one I mentioned before.

But all of the organizers are things that you need to bring along with you. If you like to make plannings or write diary or plan activities using computer, you can try using certain software (most of them are freeware - you can also find two organizers freeware in my previous posts).

Then if you still want to have organizers that you can use online, every time you go online or anytime you want, you can use "Google Calendar". It's just as simple as those free organizer software. And the advantages of using Google Calendar is that you can access it with the limitation of time and space, but still you need to go online. Thanks for the free organizer, Google!


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