Funny photo blending effects

Most people like working with photo blending when using photo editing software like PhotoShop. But Photo Blending is also not so easy when you want to get special blending effects, especially those who are still beginners.

For those beginners, they can usually make simple photo blending. Or they can use special features included in a photo editing software like Ulead Photo Express. This is also my favorite. I first knew this program when I installed drivers for Acer scanner about 10 years ago. That time my friend bought an Acer scanner and Photo Express was included in it. It's a very easy to use program cause it comes up with many special effects.

Adobe PhotoShop seems to have been designed to do more than simple photo editing. It's a bit harder to learn when you have no basics at all. But everything is hard at the first start. If you want to get started easier with photo projects (including photo blending), you can also choose PhotoDeluxe which is also a product of Adobe. It's quite nice and easy to use.

But if you just want to have special photo blending effects, you can just go searching for software purposely made for photo blending. You can't find, let me introduce you this one. You'll have a lot of fun with it. Click here to visit the photofunia site!


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