Using SSC Service Utility

If one color of your ink is running out from your external ink system ink bottle, you probably will meet a problem. You can't print a certain color. This problem is really a headache when you have to print a color page.

One of the solution is to quickly fill the external ink bottle with ink. After filling in the ink, you have to make the ink flow into the empty cartridge by using "head cleaning" in the printing preference - maintenance tab.

You'll find that by cleaning the head also makes the ink flow slowly into the cartridge.

Ink that flows into the cartridge does not flow only the color which is insufficient, but also other colors as well, including black. Of course this will make your black ink become wasted just for the cleaning process. Or if you just want to make the black ink flow, you'll also waste the color ink.

To avoid wasting ink either black or color, you can use SSC Service utility which you can find more about this utility also on this blog. Refer to the link on that post to download the utility.

After running SSC Service Utility, right click on the Head Cleaning menu then click the "Black head cleaning" or "Color head cleaning". This menu can let you choose which head you want to clean, so that you can save your ink.


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