Four types of ink on inkjet printer

Printers are a need for every home and office use. So does paper. I believe that most of you use inkjet printers cause they are cheaper than laser printer and much better than dot matrix printers. Of course, with inkjet printer alone, you can't produce anything. You need something else, that is the paper (and another one is ink).

By using correct type of paper and good quality ink, you can produce very good printing result. Then the problem is how to test the ink and paper. As I know there are some types of ink that are used with printers. Water based ink, Dye based ink, Pigment ink and Fluorescent ink. The last one has ever been used since Canon released the product with BJC 1000 series. But I've never used such ink. The first three types of ink are quite common.

Water based ink seems to be quite low-cost in printing. Dye based are a bit higher in price but offer better quality. Pigment is probably the best. My friend told me that even pigment ink also categorized in kinds of price. Not all pigment ink is good. Cheap pigment ink has been proven to produce dull printing result (therefore the printing on paper is more durable)

I prefer using dye-based ink which is not very expensive but still can give good quality printing. This type of ink can produce good enough printing for photo paper or inkjet paper. But when you are using ink, you need to consider the paper, too. Using the right ink with the right paper can give out good quality printing. I think that's all for this post. I'll write about paper later on.


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