How to test your printing paper

After posting about "Four types of ink on inkjet printer", this time I would like to share a simple tip on testing paper quality. Actually this kind of test is very common. You can also try it with different kind of ink.

Inkjet printers usually print result usually stays longer on plain paper rather than on inkjet paper. This is because of the special coating on inkjet paper which is not heat proof. Not heat proof means that your paper printing result can't stay in high temperature or direct sunlight. This is like "oxygen" in oxygen water that can't stay in high temperature. In an air-conditioned room, the printing result can stay longer.

Here is a simple experiment you can do with different ink (like the four types mentioned on earlier post). Also try it with different inkjet paper or photo paper.

First, you need to print a picture on a several pieces of paper. Then put them in different environment. You can try putting them on an outdoor place to let it receive direct sunlight. You'll be able to see difference when printing with water based ink and dye based ink. Make the comparison and take down the number of days needed for the printed material to go fading. Different brand of paper also gives different result, so you have to experiment it yourself. Happy trying!


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