Printer won't pull thick inkjet paper again

You probably met this problem and found that it's very frustrating when handling such problem. When I met this problem, I found that it's really annoying that the printer roller just won't pull the paper. No matter how many tries you have made whether by pushing from the top of the paper or bending the paper. (Paper here refers to special coated inkjet paper - whether thick or thin)

If you found such problem, you should consider trying another brand of paper. There are so many. Paper products are also categorized by price. You should not buy cheap and low quality inkjet paper which could probably cause this problem.

Another reason why this happen is that the part that keep the paper remain static in the tray is too tight, causing the paper has no space to move even a bit. Look carefully the process when your paper start going inside for printing. The paper would try to move itself a bit to the left. If it's held to tight in the tray, this problem will occur. I noticed this when I was printing using my Epson C110 inkjet printer with inkjet paper.


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